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- Removal sensor signal (set to counter such SHZHU, defense, VZHU, LV, all types of fuel-speakers to monitor the amount of fuel issued by the equipment);
- Fuel level sensor (installed on all types of vehicles, stationary and mobile tanks, tanks for fuel storage to control the issuance and remaining fuel in real data capacity);
- Flow meter fuel (fuel systems for vehicles to engine fuel control);
- GPS device observation of movable and immovable objects, movement and monitoring data of the object of observation;
- The monitoring system for fuel-columns, fixed stations. Allows you to control and monitor online whom, when and how much fuel issued. Also, to prevent unauthorized refilling and monitor compliance with reality and actually issued and the amount of fuel consumption resulting end user;
- The monitoring system for palyvozaprvnykiv, tank trucks, mobile fuel stations. Allows you to control the issuance of fuel as well as in stationary gas station;
- A system of monitoring the movement of vehicles. Allows the on-line monitor route movement of the vehicle, the fuel level in the tank TC, speed of movement of the vehicle, the type of unit or mounted equipment attached to the vehicle, fuel the vehicle, unauthorized discharge of fuel from the tank TC, unauthorized discharge of fuel in the fuel system TS, etc. .
- Indirect Allows control stations and refuel the vehicle without the intervention of the human factor.
- Installation of navigation equipment;
- Repair filling equipment;
- Services of cleaning of the inner walls of tanks from oil residues;
- Calibration, calibration tanks of vehicles;
- Calibration, calibration of stationary tanks;
- Modernization of motor-truck scales transfer data to a centralized service;
- Services for monitoring vehicles and others.
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